Felsenhaus is our guesthouse with a great view overlooking the riverbed. This guesthouse holds our 2 best rooms, which both have a en-suite bathroom. The rooms have a terrace on the opposite side, so you will be ensured of plenty of privacy. The rooms have limited air-conditioning. It is limited to certain fixed hours which is not manually adjustable (because of our limited power usage).

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The rates are always per person per night.

N$ 968.00N$ 1210.00N$ 1024.00N$ 1280.00
N$ 1326.00N$ 1508.00N$ 1396.00N$ 1588.00

* DBB + 1 activity: Accommodation, breakfast, 3-course dinner and 1 activity is included. Lunch is not included and can be booked separately. For the activity you can choose from leopard & cheetah drive, game drive, mountain drive or horse riding, see activities for more info.

About the rates

Conservation Fee

With 14.000 ha and a lot game (including big game) we face the same costs as public parks for maintaining roads, fences, boreholes, dams, fire breakers and other environmental matters (see Eco award). We also have to build accommodation for staff. In the past we have covered these costs only with the room rates without mentioning. Since 2010 we have published the conservation fee for more transparency. Now everyone should have a better base to compare our rates with B&Bs or hotels where these conservation costs do not exist.

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Payments may be made with cash or using following credit cards: Visa – MasterCard.

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