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We have a beautifully situated old farm house with its historic ambience, family atmosphere and a fantastic view overlooking the African savanna and a riverbed. At Düsternbrook Guest Farm you can expect a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and our individual care lets you feel at home.

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Individual tourism

Our guest farm is set up for individual travellers. This means you won't find large busses with tourist on our farm. The construction and decoration you see are mostly from local materials with a historical ambiance. We have deliberately chosen for a colonial style, to give our guests a feeling of the old days in Namibia.

Sustainable tourism

Another important fact is that we take our environmental impact very seriously. We have chosen for sustainable solutions all over our set up, including construction and facilities. This means mechanisms to save water consumption, renewable energy, waste separation etc. We would like to ask our guests also to be conscious that Namibia is still a third world country and water is very scarce.

Since Düsterbook has moved from a cattle farm to a game farm in 1986 we have reintroduced numerous game species such as ostrich, giraffe and zebra, that had been here in pre-colonial times. Today, game such as waterbuck and impala also do very well since we have many water resources, such as dams.

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